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Superintendent's Message

4 Point Grading Scale

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, CCE will be implementing a four-point grading scale in grades K-12. Students will still receive letter grades - 4 points = A, 3 points = B, 2 points = C, 1 point = D, 0 points = F - just as they always have. The primary difference is that students will be graded using a four-point scale rather than the commonly used 100 point-scale.

Reasons for the change are manifold.

First, the four-point scale eliminates the unfair discrepancy between a student who doesn't do an assignment (usually a zero) and the student who demonstrates little or no competency on an assignment (say 60%) - up to 60 points difference!

Second, the four-point scale removes more of the subjectivity of grading. In multiple studies across thousands of teachers (the same activity was done with our teachers), teachers were given multiple scores for a fictitious student (see below) and asked to use their grading system to determine the student's final grade. The final grades for the same student with the same scores from different teachers ranged from an A to an F! Most significant in the process was how teachers utilized zeroes and assignments/work that was not completed/turned in.


C, 2, 70 - Quiz
C, 2, 70 - Homework
MA = Missing Assignment (Homework)
D, 1, 60 - Homework
D, 1, 60- Homework
B, 3, 80– Mid-term test
MA = Homework
MA = Quiz
B, 3, 80 = Homework
A, 4, 90 = Final

Score: Grade:

National Teacher Scores

CCE Teacher Scores

Third, as we move to Standards-Based Grading (SBG), the four-point scale readily aligns with SBG. SBG will allow for better communication between teachers & students and teachers & parents about what students can do and what skills students are still developing.

If you have questions about the four-point grading scale or SBG, please contact your students' teacher or building principal.

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