The CCE Elementary Handbook was updated at the October Board Meeting:

School Bus Transportation

.UPDATED 10.27.21 SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION IS A PRIVILEGE.  This privilege may be temporarily denied or permanently revoked if misconduct of your child jeopardizes the safe operation of the school bus or the safety of pupils riding the bus.  Parents are responsible to see that their children attend school despite loss of riding privileges.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children until the time of boarding the bus in the morning, and from departing the bus at the end of the school day.  Once the child enters the school bus, the authority to manage student conduct lies with the bus driver and the school administration.

 CONDUCT STANDARDS. Behavior or activity jeopardizing safe operation of the school bus or interfering with the welfare of other vehicle occupants is prohibited. 

 SANCTIONS FOR MISCONDUCT. For any misconduct occurring on a school bus, the school administrative staff will take appropriate action, which may include, but is not limited to, a parent conference, seat change, loss of privilege, restitution, and a bus and/or school suspension. 

 Without limiting other available actions or remedies, the school administrative staff is authorized to secure restitution for vandalism caused by students to school buses, using the same procedures available for recovery of damages to school property.

 BUS OPERATOR RESPONSIBILITY. The school bus operator will report in writing within 24 hours to administration or other designee any conduct appearing to require disciplinary action.  After administrative staff evaluation, appropriate disciplinary action will follow. 

 PARENT RESPONSIBILITY.  Parents are urged to assist their children in developing a respect for and a sense of safety concerning all the related operations of the school bus.

 Parents are urged to play a role in their responsibility when the child leaves home to walk to the bus stop and the child’s behavior at the bus stop. Parents should see to it that their child arrives at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the regularly scheduled arrival time. Bus drivers will not wait more than 2 minutes for tardy students since any wait will adversely affect the established time schedules for many other students.

          One a.m. and one p.m. stop location shall be allowed for each transported student. Exceptions will be made only in case of an emergency or when extenuating circumstances exist. This shall be approved by school administration. 

**We also ask that parents remind children not to board the bus with muddy shoes - thanks!