Did you know that we have 97% of our team returning to teach at CCE and support our school in the 22-23 school year? Our retirees are still subbing, too!!

We are continuously striving to add services, so we are adding staff as well. We welcome these new faces to our team:

Kiana Svoboda - 4th grade (her sub is Zoeann Roberts to start the year due to injury)

Sarah Rutt - 2nd grade

Iesha Toft - Media Center & Math Title I TA

Noah Becker - Behavioral Health

Katy Davis- TA

Hayley Khenkitisak-TA

Dave Riley - bus 18 route 

Tayla Sickelka - STEM
Dani Muller - Safari Daycare owner. She’s run Milford’s QUALITY location for 10 years!

We are so excited to serve the children and families of CCE in 22-23. 😊

See you soon! 

Please RSVP on FB survey or call Val at 712-934-2241 to RSVP for the grill out on Aug. 22 at 5:30. 😎