Many of you have asked about our new 4th grade teacher, Kiana Svoboda, after her unfortunate accident in July. 

After a long stay in the hospital and a difficult surgery on her brain, she is making incredible strides as she recovers at home now. 
She will continue to do OT/PT therapy this fall and is scheduled to have a skull replacement procedure in October. 
In the meantime, she is rocking her cute safety helmet, walking 1/2 mile twice a day, and helping others in ways that she can - she’s a true Maverick already! 
Here is a photo of her helping to pack food for people in the Ukraine last night. (Yep, that is also another CCE teacher in the photo, Mrs. Roti. They coincidentally ran into each other at the event.😊)
We can’t  wait for Kiana to join us at CCE later this year. We are extremely glad she is recovering so quickly, and grateful that Zoeann Roberts is subbing for her until she is 100% ready to be at school.  The physical demands of teaching are high, so we will wait patiently for her Dr. to release her later this year. 🥰