That crazy Elf has been surprising our Mavericks with random 30-Second Dance Parties over the loudspeakers today- FUN!
6 months ago, Mrs. Huntress
The Peterson lighted antique fire truck will be driving in Royal on Tuesday night at 6pm with Santa & candy canes. It is so cool! 🍭🎄🚒
6 months ago, Mrs. Huntress
The 2nd and 3rd graders enjoyed a beautiful and festive Winter Tea at former CCE teacher Mrs. Cronk’s home this afternoon! The festivities included a snowman craft, toasts around each table, delicious “tea” and treats and finally a joyous caroling session with pianist Sue Brugman. The children truly displayed their best manners and enjoyed this fantastic end to a long week! Thank you for hosting such a beautiful event, Mrs, Cronk, Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Brugman! We are grateful for each of you!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Today’s Winter Tea was such a beautiful event!
We caroled the afternoon away!
We are still so excited for this first-ever performance by our Theatre Club! Kudos to each of the students and staff that made this performance possible! We can't wait for their spring show!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
She's beautiful, but Cinderella's a bit cruel!
Our narrators upfront!
Those stepsisters weren't even to blame!
And that's a wrap! Great job!
The Theatre Club's first ever performance of "Cinder...Really? The TRUE Story of Cinderella" was a theatrical masterpiece! From excellent character play and narrating skills to wonderful stage management and voice inflection, the club did a fantastic job! The audience was left wanting more!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Cinder...Really? Was the cutest!
Our Mavericks have so much talent!
What a sweet fairy godmother!
These narrators were awesome!
More caroling pictures from today! So much fun!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Our Mavericks at work!
So fun!
Our 5th and 6th graders enjoyed singing for Hartley’s Community Memorial Health Center and Assisted Living residents today! “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Buddy the Elf
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
We love lifting our voices for others!
Caroling is so much fun!
Mavericks getting into the Jingle Bell Rock!
Our Theatre Club has been working hard on their production of the reader’s theatre hit “Cinder..Really?” They are excited to perform to their peers tomorrow afternoon! Our Maverick’s talents never cease to amaze us!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Tomorrow’s reader’s theatre is going to be fun!
For each can you count, we count our blessings! Thank you, volunteers, for fund-raising for our amazing Mavericks! We can't wait to go on spring field trips! ❤️💛❤️
6 months ago, Mrs. Huntress
Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing the work yourself. Mavericks have leadership roles throughout the building. Recently the Maverick Photographers have been taking their job seriously, present at many events snapping pictures along the way. Kudos to the Mavericks for taking the reins and doing such great hands-on learning/work!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Tayte makes sure to document the assemblies' most important moments!
Ruxen isn't afraid to get up-close for the best photo opportunities!
Today’s Royal Festival of Trees was a beautiful event for all! Our Mavericks enjoyed busing tables and devouring numerous bowls of delicious soup. Santa and the displayed trees were wonderful to see. Thank you to RCA and The Great Hall of Royal for hosting such a wonderful day and donating your proceeds to our Maverick Missions! We love our CCE communities!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
We found Callie and Collins!
Bentlee is a great helper!
Dorothy washed those tables clean!
This cutie pie wa caught admiring our tree!
PBIS rewards days are the best! Our Mavericks are merry and BRIGHT! They know to be kind, respectful, responsible, and ready around every turn and have proven so this past month. They earned a pajama and movie day today and are enjoying an afternoon of earned relaxation! GO MAVERICKS!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
PBIS rewards days are the best!
Movie time!
In this season of giving and of showing gratitude, we would love to express our heartfelt thanks for the numerous businesses, community members, families and individuals that support us in many different ways throughout the year. Today we spotlight Todd Meyer and Matt Schuver for their recent donations of cut and sanded boards for our upcoming Winter Tea craft-project (Todd) and 5 gallon buckets for our school-wide emergency kits (Matt.) We inquired and within 24 hours we had the items we needed! We are thankful for our community and those that support our Mavericks so graciously. Thank you to each of you who make CCE the warm family that it is!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Thank you, Todd!
Thank you, Matt!
We are ready for our 2nd Festival of Trees! Come check out our whimsical CCE tree TOMORROW at the Royal Festival of Trees! Our Mavericks will be busing tables from 11-12 and Santa will be there too! Come enjoy festive fun, delicious food, and beautiful trees at The Great Hall of Royal tomorrow from 10-1!
6 months ago, Iesha Toft
Festival ready!
Come one and all!
Some of our preschoolers earned a coin today that will go towards their next party! They were following our three R’s (being ready, responsible, and respectful) and were being amazing leaders!! Way to go Mavericks!!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
Our preschoolers are amazing!
This week in STEM we created balloon rockets for Santa's sleigh! We discovered how different sized balloons made some rockets go further or faster. We enjoyed trying to calculate how fast the balloons a.k.a. "sleds" were going to fly and discussed how we could potentially make changes for a better flight. SO FUN!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
Kallie's sleigh was a fast one!
We had a packed music room that felt so full of love and Christmas cheer last night! Our students, (and staff that helped make this magic happen,) truly put together a beautiful show. We can't stop posting about it!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
Our band ROCKED it last night! SO GOOD!
Proud of our Maverick speakers!
Our brave speakers did an amazing job!
So proud of these performers!
Last night's "WE LOVE CHRISTMAS" concert was an absolute treat! We are beyond proud of our Mavericks! What a warm, festive, fun and bright way to bring in this beautiful season!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
Our preschoolers are just the cutest!
We are so proud of our Mavericks!
Festive and bright! What a delight last night's concert was!
We love our Mavericks!
What fun we had helping out at the Everly Festival of Trees tonight! Our Mavericks make us proud!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
These Mavericks light up our day!
Our Maverick helpers make us proud!
Vera is such a good table scrubber!
Pit stop with Mr. and Mrs. Claus for a chat!
These kiddos are excellent helpers!
Posing near our CCE tree!
Mrs. Kimball was there too!
Clean as a whistle!
All smiles in Everly tonight!
It is a Friday during a full moon week and boy do the kiddos (and staff) feel it! Aside from goofy exhaustion, we are also filled with pure joy as the first day of December has arrived! Our Library story-time needed the addition of a dance party to end our day getting our wiggles out and enjoying our time with one another. They dipped, spun, and waltzed their way around the library with smiles from ear to ear. Thank you for the fun week and have the best weekend, Mavericks!
7 months ago, Iesha Toft
These two waltzed around the library with glee!
Spinning stars!
Everyone joined in!